Poems and Essays

by Joseph Howe




    [The son of Judge Haliburton (The Clockmaker) very early evinced a taste for musical composition, so strong, that he deserted all the sports of boyhood to sit for hours at the piano. This decided bias towards a pursuit but little adapted to the circumstances of a new country, occasioned much parental anxiety. The following verses were written for Tom, on his presenting the writer with an original air:]

Oh! tempt me not with meaner joys,
    Nor frown, if I decline
The sports so lov’d by other Boys—
    The World of Sound is mine. [Page 176]

I care not for the busy crowd
    Where noisy mirth prevails,
Where peals of laughter, long and loud,
    Swell Pleasure’s glittering sails.

The idle jest, the vacant mind,
    Let others freely share,
In Music’s spells I still can find
    Delights more rich and rare.

Oh! let me yet each note prolong,
    And treasure every tone
That haunts the magic realms of Song
    And make them all my own.

Just as the birds that Heavenward soar
    The troubled earth above
From brighter regions catch and pour
    The simple strains they love. [Page 177]