Poems and Essays

by Joseph Howe




[In answer to a charge of Flattery.]

Oh! ’tis not Flatt’ry—though I own
    That thus to ramble on with thee
(Save Nature’s presence) all alone
    Has many a pleasing charm for me.

To watch the flush that feeling throws
    In roseate tints upon your cheek,
Or catch the unsullied thought that flows
    In every artless word you speak.

To mark the smile those lips impart—
    That bright and airy form to view
Or hold communion with a heart
    To Virtue’s holiest impulse true.

Nay, there’s a spell of secret power
    Charming each word and look of thine,
That haunts my Mem’ry since the hour
    Your eyes first opened upon mine;

A spell, that all my Spirit’s Pride
    (Which fancied coldness once awoke)
With many a struggle strove to hide,
    But, never, for an instant broke.

A spell, which Time nor Absence ne’er
    Could for a single moment sever,
Which to my heart has grown so dear
    ’Tis twined around its core for ever. [Page 121]