Poems and Essays

by Joseph Howe




This sunny morn—this sunny morn,
    How fair a dream it brings—
How bright the thoughts, of Mem’ry born,
    It o’er the Spirit flings.

Methinks I still can see thee stand,
    With pure and stainless brow,
Methinks I press your plighted hand.
    And hear your nuptial vow.

While down your cheek the gushing tear,
    By mingled feelings stirred,
Rolled in its pearly brightness there
    At every solemn word [Page 111]

That broke the thousand sinless charms
    Round childhood’s dwelling thrown,
And took you from parental arms
    To give you to my own.

Methinks your cheek this morn appears
    To bear its bridal hue,
Your eye the soften’d radiance wears
    That then it mildly threw.

Methinks the kiss your lip bestows,
    Thrills through my spirit now
Like that, which, spite the blush that rose,
    Then crown’d our marriage vow.

And though along Life’s varied way
    We’ve met some cares the while,
I still can see our Wedding Day
    Reflected in your smile.

Though e’en the chilly hand of Death
    Has crush’d one tender flower,
Its memory, like the perfume’s breath,
    But sanctifies this hour.

And still as time this morning brings,
    May ev’ry year disclose
The depths of those unsullied springs
    Whence young affection flows.
February 2nd, 1830. [Page 112]