Poems and Essays

by Joseph Howe




As gallant Barks, on Ocean’s tide
    When summer breezes blow,
Oft meet and journey side by side,
    Communing as they go; [Page 148]

But soon, by varying wind and wave,
    Are parted on the Main,
The stormy seas alone to brave,
    And never meet again.

So we, by happy fortune thrown
    On Pleasure’s crowded ways,
While brilliant scenes around us shone,
    Have spent some joyous days.

But soon to different havens bound
    A separate course we steer,
And where shall meet, in life’s dull round,
    The circle gather’d here?

We may not meet, but yet those hours
    So blest to each and all,
So strew’d with variegated flowers,
    The spirit may recall.

On distant shores, when memory warms
    Till life’s unsunn’d decline,
We’ll round us bring the friendly forms,
    That parted on the Rhine. [Page 149]