Poems and Essays

by Joseph Howe




Oh! who on the mountain, the plain, or the wave,
    With the arm of the Micmac will dare to contend?
Who can hurl the keen spear with the sons of the brave
    Or who can the bow with such energy bend?

Who can follow the Moose, or the wild Cariboo,  
    With a footstep as light and unwearied as he?
Who can bring down the Loon with an arrow so true,
    Or paddle his bark o’er as stormy a sea?

Who can traverse the mountain or swim the broad lake?
    Who can hunger and thirst with such fortitude bear?
Or who can the Beaver as skilfully take?
    Or the Salmon so nimbly transfix with his spear?

And if the wild war whoop ascends on the gale,
    Who can with the Micmac the tomahawk wield?
Oh! when was he known in the combat to quail?
    Whoe’er saw him fly from the red battle field?

Free sons of the forest, then peal forth the song,
    Till each valley and rock shall of victory tell,
And the ghosts of our heroes, while flitting along
    With triumph shall smile on the spots where they fell. [Page 87]