It is a pleasure to acknowledge the practical assistance that I have received from various people at the Centre for Canadian Poetry at the University of Western Ontario.  Richard Shroyer painstakingly supervised the transition of the edition from manuscript to camera-ready copy.  Pamela Jeffrey helped with research and proof reading.  Joan Binnendyk, Carolyn Quick, Michael Williams, Jennifer Kuzmich, and, especially, Denise Heffron entered different portions of the edition into the computer, and assisted with other aspects of its production.  I would also like to thank Allan C. Dunlop, the Assistant Provincial Archivist at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, for making the many archives copies of Howe's poems and essays available to me for inspection. Finally, I would like to acknowledge my debt to the General Editor of the Canadian Poetry Press Series, D.M.R. Bentley, for his patience, enthusiasm, and judicious criticism throughout the whole editorial process.