I am much indebted to David Bentley of the University of Western Ontario, not only for his invaluable advice on the editing of The Rising Village but also for the high standards which he has set with the preceding texts in this series. Those texts have provided both a model for the present one and, in their notes, a wealth of useful information. I am grateful also to the staff of computer experts, typists, and research assistants at the Centre for Canadian Poetry, especially to Richard Shroyer, Michael Williams, and Denise Heffron. Thank you to my colleagues in the Department of English at the Universiy of Ottawa, and to Joyce M. Banks of the National Library of Canada for her help with the bibliographic material. Finally, to Jo and our children, Bryan and Meghan, thank you for the generous sacrifices of time.

     Work on The Rising Village was done while I held a Canada Research Fellowship in the Department of English at the University of Ottawa.   I am grateful to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for its support.