I first learned of the existence of Ann Cuthbert Knight’s A Year in Canada over a decade ago when looking through the pages of Carl F. Klinck’s Literary History of Canada for references to early works of travel literature on Canada. How pleased I was afterward to find that the University of Western Ontario owned a print copy of the poem. Now, of course, many of the texts preserved by the Canadian Institute of Historical Microreproductions, including Knight’s, are available on-line; nevertheless, I would like to applaud the efforts of the staff who maintain the James Alexander and Ellen Bea Benson Special Collections at the University of Western Ontario.

I am especially indebted to D. M. R. Bentley, who first introduced me to a number of the early travellers to this country and who later read the early versions of the introduction to this edition. His commentary and advice have proved invaluable. I also owe thanks to the staff at the Canadian Poetry Press, in particular, Mary Elizabeth Curtin, Kat Evans, and Brandy Ryan, all of whom contributed to the production of this text through their work as editorial assistants. Finally, although they will always say that I owe them nothing, thanks, too, to my partner, Jeff Ogborne, and daughter, Sigrid Birkwood-Cole, for their love, support, and patience.