On June 1, 1822, the Upper Canada Gazette and Weekly Register published the following letter from Adam Hood Burwell, Secretary of the Talbot Anniversary celebration committee. The Anniversary was first established at Port Talbot by John Rolph on May 21, 1817. Originally instituted to honour the founding of the Talbot Settlement, it later became an annual social event of some prominence. In the late 'twenties the festivities were moved to London. By the 1830s the Anniversary no longer attracted the great numbers for which it had once been known.



For the Weekly Register


Please give the following an insertion in the Register.




This celebration took place at Ross's Tavern, on Talbot Road, on Tuesday the 21st instant. It was numerously attended by the most respectable class of gentlemen and ladies from different parts of the district. JOHN BACKHOUSE, Esq., Chairman of the Quarter Sessions, was appointed President, and JOHN ROLPH, Esq., Vice President. At four o'clock the party sat down to dinner under a booth of green branches erected for the occasion, after which the following toasts were drank, accompanied with music:

1. The KING, with four times four.
2. The GOVERNOR and EXECUTIVE of the Province.
3. The HON. COL. TALBOT. Upon the President giving this toast, the whole assembly rose and drank it with three times three.
5. The TALBOT ANNIVERSARY,‑may it be celebrated every year with increasing festivity.
6. The Representatives of the County of Middlesex.
7. Agriculture and Commerce.
8. The Province of Upper Canada.
9. The President.
10. The Memory of General Brock.
11. The health of the gentlemen from Long Point, who have honoured us with their company.


The company then proceeded to the apartments, which were richly ornamented with green branches and wild flowers from the forest; and at 8 o'clock dancing commenced by the President and Mrs. Nevill's leading off the first figure, and continued till late in the evening, when the company retired without an instance of disorderly conduct.

By command of the President,

A.H. BURWELL, Secretary.

Talbot Road, May 23, 1822.