Buchanan's Letters


To Charles G.D. Roberts

B.B., APRIL 1, 1908

Mr. Roberts,

     No I do not ever wish to come to Toronto again. Nor do I wish to see another such photograph of you—never was Mr. Daggerotype’s1 invention put to more disgusting use, or bedroom slipper. And I do not care to hear about Mr. Carman’s revolting tricks with silver coins and peanuts. By anyone other than myself you would be called pigs, but my respect for those clean and mannerly gentlemen is far too great for that. No, you are maggots—filthy maggots—and I want no more to do with you.

Mary Buchanan

  1. A slip of the pen: the inventor of the forerunner of the modern photograph was Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre (1789-1851). [back]