AND Sonnets.

by Cornwall Bayley




OH! say for whom Pity, reclin’d on yon bier,
Thus discharges the tribute of woe?
’Tis for Edwin;—who lately could banish the tear
Which he now has occasion’d to flow!
Form’d to taste all the innocent transports of youth
No alloy could his pleasures beguile;
And his soul the resemblance of candour and truth,
Was express’d on his face by a Smile.


    When that Smile once appear’d all was comfort and mirth
And sollicitude fell from the mind;
Whilst the beauty and virtues of Edwin gave birth,
To the love and esteem of mankind.
But the world, and the notions of mortals below,
Little joy to his soul could impart;
And that Smile which illumin’d him most, us’d to glow
When caress’d by the girl of his heart!


    Twas Eliza he lov’d; and had hop’d in her charms
Every bliss, every treasure to see;
But Eliza was faithless and fled to the arms
Of a wealthier suitor than he:
When he heard it, his conscience with purity bright
Seem’d to scorn all the horrors of care;
But ’twas finish’d! the smile of content and delight,
Was exchang’d for a Smile of despair.


    At the Altar undaunted he stood by her side
When her hand to his rival was given;
And in silence invok’d on the fond-faithless bride
The protection and blessing of Heaven! [Page 22]
At the feast—amidst riot and merriment’s sound,
He appear’d every passion to brave;
And he smiled as the joke and the bottle went round,
But that Smile was the Smile of the grave!


    And ’twas just! as the day, when Eliza he knew,
All his hopes of enjoyment arose;
So the day when his hopes with her promises flew,
Mark’d his sojourn on earth with its close!
Yet has innocence triumph’d o’er sorrow’s last strife;
Angels caught his expiring breath;
And the Smile that he wore thro’ the tenor of life,
Has not left Edwin’s features in Death! [Page 23]