AND Sonnets.

by Cornwall Bayley



From the Greek of BION.


    As late in slumber wrapt I lay,
Venus approach’d me, blythe and gay;
Her infant Cupid by her side,
And thus, in friendly accents cried:
“Dear Bion, take this child from me,
“And teach him how to sing like thee!

    She spake, and into air retir’d;
Whilst I with proud ambition fir’d,
Fool as I was, began with joy,
To teach my music to the boy;
The pipe of Pan—Minerva’s lute
The lyre of Hermes—Phoebus’ flute
These all I labor’d to impart;
But the wild stripling scorn’d my art;
And rising high his am’rous songs,
Taught me the music that belongs
To themes immortal;—themes that move
To all his Mothers charms of love;
Till I forgot my wonted lays,
And now but sing what Cupid plays! [Page 41]