AND Sonnets.

by Cornwall Bayley



1st. Nero’s Mother addressing him when he was about to kill her.

    Why does thy sword thus threaten with the tomb,
Thy Mother’s bosom and thy Mother’s womb?
Support and life that womb and bosom gave,
Each claims thy filial duty—not the grave!

    Ah! no! ’tis false!—the womb and breast that hurl’d
Thy tyrant being on a wretched world,
Are worthy both, with deadly blood to flow,
And Nero worthy to decide the blow.

2d. From the Song of Solomon.
“Ah sitio clamas.”

    “I thirst” the prince of Heaven, expiring, cries;
“I thirst,” and lifts his agonizing eyes;
O! drink, my spouse, and satiate thy call,
Tho’ the sad cup, embitter’d, taste with gall;
Yet drink my spouse, to Heav’ns high will resign’d,
And be the health, “Salvation to mankind!” [Page 44]