AND Sonnets.

by Cornwall Bayley


From various Greek Authors—chiefly in the Anthologia.

1st. On a Statue of Venus at Cnidos, by Praxitéles.

    When Venus saw her statue piac’d
At Cnidos, with perfection grac’d; [Page 44]
“Ah! Where Praxitéles,” she cried,
“Hast thou my naked charms espied?”

2d. On Envy.

Envy is bad;—and yet has one good part;
It gnaws, the man who envies, to the heart.

3d. On Life.

Long life is short where virtuous men engage!
But to the bad one moment is an age!

4th. On a Miser.

You have a rich man’s wealth—a poor man’s breast,
Rich for your heirs, but for yourself distress’d!

5th. Imitated.

The Graces seeking for a place of rest,
Have fixed their empire in Amanda’s breast!

6th. On Valetudinariens.

I mourn not those already ’reft of breath,
But those who live in hourly fears of Death! [Page 45]