Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Editorial Emendations

These notes record all editorial emendations in the present text to the first edition of Canada.  Each entry contains the reading of the present text before the “]” and the reading of the first edition after the “]”.  Thus “Epigraph Caris] Charis” indicates that in the epigraph to the poem the word “Charis” in the first edition has been corrected to “Caris” in the present text.  This emendation has been made on the authority of the text of Horace’s Ode IV, ix, in C.E. Bennet’s edition of the Odes and Epodes in the Loeb Classical Library.  Emendations made in accordance with the list of “Errata” on the final page (52) of Canada. A Descriptive Poem, Written at Quebec, 1805. With Satires—Imitations—and Sonnets are designated by “E.”  Throughout the present text Bayley’s use of “NOTE.” and “NOTES.”, as appropriate, to designate his footnotes has been followed.  In one instance “NOETS.” has been corrected to “NOTES.”


Caris ] Charis


3       falt’ring] fal’tring
52     Tow’r’d] Towr’d
62     dark’ning] darkning
86     warrior’s] warriors                                                                                              
95     ere] e’re
107n. pass a plank] pass plank
107n. Elysium] Elyrium (E.)
Between these lines Bayley has scored through “How chan’d the           scene?  now naught but mutual love / Descends in Seraph features from           above;”—a repetition of the ensuing couplet.  The line numbers in the           present edition have been changed in accordance with the deletion.
139    astonish’d] astonis’d
140n. Levi] Pevi (E.) [Page 29]           
155    gate] gate,
156    state,] state;
162    sable-vested] sable vested
163    Glory] glory
171n. “that, my boys, is the music, I must have played to-morrow!”] “that, my           boys,” is the music, I must have played tomorrow!
175    Vict’ry’s] Victry’s
176    well-known] well known
176n. Wolfe expired] Wolfexpired
179    hovers] hover’s
185    madd’ning] maddning
196    fight] fright (E.)
204n. Ver.204] Ver.206 (originally 208)
220n. Ver.220.] Ver.220 (originally 222)
220n. See] see
223    Sophist, tho’] Sophist tho’
228n. Shaftesbury] Shaftsbury
228n. Bolingbroke] Bolinbroke
241    empires] empire’s (E.)
258    thundering] thun’dering
265    ere] e’re
277    of the groves] of he groves
279    ere] e’re
286    grave.] grave:
288    pursue:] pursue
329   O’er] O er
330   stranger’s] strangers
337   crowd] crow’d
343n.Voyageurs’] Voyageurs
357   wat’ry] watry
373   recalls] recals
377   too] to
379   Atheist] Athiest
380   deceit] deciet
395   brutal] brutual (E.)
405   well-plough’d] well plough’d
415n.inquisitor’s] inquisitors
418   doors,] doors;
425   England’s self] England’s-self [Page 30]
443   Where ere] Where’ere
481   erects] erect’s


Title NOTE...CANADA, 95N.] NOTE…CANADA, Page 7.

Final paragraph “Stillingfleet’s] Stillingfleet’s  [Page 31]