Editorial Emendations


These notes record all the emendations in the present edition to the original text of The Beauties of Belleville.  In each entry the reading of the present text is given before a square bracket, and the reading of the original edition after the bracket.  Thus, in the first entry, "4  high-wrought] high wrought" indicates that in line four of the present text "high wrought" has been emended to "high-wrought".
4 high-wrought] high wrought
8 objects] object
22 amaranths] amarinths
31 chastest] chasest
75 has] have
76 fell'd] fell
98 fail] fails
115 do] doth
126 treasures] treasure
185 hearts] heart
391 tower] towers
519 flow] flows
542 waves] wave
567 Campbell] Cambpell
565 LeVesconte's] LeVesconte'