Editorial Emendations


These notes record all editorial emendations in the present text to the first edition of The U.E.: A Tale of Upper Canada. Each entry contains the reading of the present text before the "]" and the reading of the first edition after the "]". Thus, "I, 151 days.;] days;" indicates that in line 150 of Canto First the period that appears after "days" and before the semicolon in the first edition has been omitted in the present text. "(E.)" indicates emendations made on the basis of the errata slip in The U.E.: A Tale of Upper Canada. Spelling has been regularized according to the dominant spelling used in the first edition.

Intro., 22 song,] song.
I, 32 new-mown] new mown
I, 131 renewed,] renewed.
I, 150 days;] days.;
I, 163 Sire,] Sire.
I, 164 laboured] labored
I, 172 daily] daily,
I, 184 dishonoured] dishonored
I, 213 others’] others
I, 287 anguished] angnished
I, 313 tender,] tender.
I, 429 ’tis] ’Tis
I, 567 honoured] honored
I, 579 brethren] brethern (E.)
I, 588, Fancy] fancy
II, 162 record] records (E.)
II, 236 nations] natious
II, 239 amiable] aimiable
II, 444 sky.] sky,
II, 489 honour] honor
II, 508 Freeman’s] Frreman’s (E.)
II, 582 tears.] tears,
III, 14 many] manp (E.)
III, 76 the] they
III, 133 points] pointt (E.)
III, 235 o’er-arching] o’erarching (E.)
III, 350 griping] gripping
IV, 115 thunderbolt] thunder-bolt
IV, 121 neighbours] neighbors
IV, 166 Surprized] Surprised
IV, 223 but] But
IV, 255 These] Then (E.)
IV, 363 colours] colors
IV, 370-71 XXIV.] XIV.
IV, 378 the Indian] the dreadful Indian (E.)
IV, 495 neighbours] neighbors
V, 94 gripped] griped
V, 247 neighbouring] neighboring
V, 336 neighbour] neighbor
VI, 10 vari-coloured] vari-colored
VI, 114 Aaron’s] Aaron,s
VI, 320 approaching] appreaching
VII, 1 the] The
VII, 31 Hell’s] Hel’s
VII, 71 lapsing] lasping (E.)
VII, 280 an] a (E.)
VII, 294 auras] anras
VIII, 140 throng] thong
VIII, 245 honourable] honorable
IX, 65 children] chlldren (E.)
IX, 90 arbitrament] arbitrement (E.)
IX, 168 fleet] leet
IX, 385 Diana’s] Dian’s
IX, 449 honour] honor
XI, 108 Like] Lihe (E.)
XI, 109 Each] Eack (E.)
XII, 87 surprize] surprise
XII, 136 honoured] honored